Security Camera, CCTV on location, airport

Video surveillance and equipment protect businesses from vandalism, theft, and destruction of property. Our CCTV and electronic security has precise, pinpoint accuracy with video that provides security teams with crisp, quality images. Closed circuit TV (CCTV) refers to internal security and video surveillance only available to internal personnel and business staff.

Axcex Media provides and end-to-end solution for design, installation, maintenance and support of CCTV surveillance. We provide our own technology and vendors or we can oversee your own advisors and installation from third-party vendors. We have our own expert security professionals that reduce the administration burden of on-side installation and adjustment maintenance.

We respect all local government standards and security laws for surveillance cameras and provide hardware that can resist weather elements such as snow, hail, rain, heat, and moisture. Our camera equipment is resistant and durable against physical threats and damage including vandalism and theft. We ensure legal compliance and perform installations with the best practices in mind. Axcex Media also includes the best software security that protects the privacy of customers and internal office staff.