Low voltage LED lighting is an essential component for large data centers where power concerns are part of efficiency and energy savings. We provide low voltage solutions that reduce electric costs and move data center operational costs towards more manageable and effective financial budgets.

Axcex Media’s LED solutions have cost-effective solutions that deliver better energy-saving benefits that essentially impact business budgets. We offer no maintenance plans with limited heat emissions that reduce the overall impact and HVAC load.

Even with its low voltage, our LED lights and hardware don’t suffer from poor illumination. Our hardware illuminates data center working areas while achieving energy and maintenance savings. We offer the following lighting solution benefits:

  • 10-year life expectancy
  • Reduction in heat costs and HVAC load
  • Hardware is powered by POE technology
  • Dimming features for areas with less traffic
  • Sensors that detect temperature, light level and occupancy
  • Cloud interfaces for global management and 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Environmentally friendly hardware and power usage