000005733734_Small_1Passive Optical Networks (PON), in essence, is doing much more with less. Simply put, utilizing the latest in passive optical networking standards will reduce your infrastructure footprint, increase overall networking capacity and drive efficiency through single point to multi point fiber optic architecture. All business including hospitals, government installations, hotels, real estate developers, and universities to name a few can benefit from correctly designed and installed passive optical networks.

We are transitioning to an era when large centralized offices have become scattered across towns, states and even parts of the world. The network topography for our critical data has become more complex such as radiological scans between hospital systems, real estate design packages traveling the country between architect and contractor or complex parts design modeling making its way from stateside engineering teams to overseas manufacturing plants.

Axcex Media provides end-to-end solution for design, installation, maintenance and support of PON systems. Technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Trust only the experts at Axcex Media to deliver quality solutions, on time and designed for your needs.