Safety Standards of Systems Integrators: National Safety Month

As we celebrate National Safety Month this June, it’s an opportune moment to highlight Axcex Media LLC’s unwavering commitment to safety standards as systems integrators. Our team takes immense pride in ensuring that every project is executed with the highest safety standards. Here’s a glimpse into how we prioritize safety every day.

Axcex Media team ensuring safety standards of systems integrators are followed
Ensuring Safety on Our Projects

Axcex Media LLC is dedicated to creating a safe working environment for our team, adhering to the highest safety standards systems integrators can provide. Our key selling point when it comes to safety is our comprehensive approach, which encompasses meticulous planning, regular training, and the use of high-quality safety gear. As our president, Dalet Vazquez aptly put it, “We want you to go back home the same way you got to work; safe and sound.”

Daily Safety Reminders

Safety is an ongoing conversation at Axcex Media LLC, reflecting our commitment to maintaining and following the rigorous safety standards of systems integrators. We believe in empowering our team to voice their concerns and make decisions that prioritize their well-being. Leaders emphasize “ we can’t force anyone to do something they’re uncomfortable with. Sometimes, calculated risks must be taken, but the calculation must show a clear path.” This philosophy ensures that our team feels supported and informed about the safest ways to perform their tasks.

Quality Control and Safety Practices

While our daily routine involves stringent safety measures, we recognize the importance of visual reminders. Our team members are equipped with safety shoes, rugged pants, long-sleeved shirts, safety glasses, and gloves to ensure they remain protected on each job site.

For more information on industry safety standards, visit OSHA’s official website.


At Axcex Media LLC, upholding safety standards as systems integrators is a core value that remains embedded in our culture. As we observe National Safety Month, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting our team and ensuring that every project is completed safely and efficiently. Let’s continue to prioritize safety, not just in June, but every single day.

Learn more about our comprehensive safety solutions and projects that adhere to these high standards.

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