Welcome to Axcex Media where you’ll find the experience and professionalism for a wide range of technological needs. We provide services for an array of technology and cyber solutions including DAS (in building wireless), full wireless networks, structure cabling, equipment staging, low voltage LED lighting, sound masking, CCTV and electronic security, data centers, commercial and government architecture and healthcare communications.

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Axcex Media’s experts perform a wide range of services that meet and exceed client expectations. We provide solutions that are scalable, optimized and maintain current standards in the industry.

  • Data Centers
  • Low Voltage LED Lighting
  • Wireless Networks
  • DAS | In-Building Wireless
  • Structure Cabling
  • Passive Optic Networks
  • Equipment Staging
  • Sound Masking
  • CCTV/Electronic Security

Why Axcex Media?

Because our trained, certified and professional staff are dedicated to only the best service in the industry. Our installations are completed at the most efficient rate, mainly because we take to care for initial design and communication with the customer. New staff is trained extensively in our in-house training program designed to train new installers and workers with the latest technology and standards.

We use only the most proper tools in the market, so your installation is clean and efficient and meets IEEE industry standards. You’re assured that all our testing equipment is compliant for fiber splicing, hardware cabling installation, wireless communication and other technology support.