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At Axcex Media, our technology and installation focuses on transforming poor communications and signaling power into clear, crisp data signals that improve your conversations, data transmissions, and audio output. 

We have maintained construction and wireless installations from stadiums and airports to enterprises in remote or congested locations.


Statistically, DAS networks have increased in popularity by 20,000 percent according to AT&T. This is due to wireless and Wi-Fi network available from not only the home but in various places including offices, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. These shifts in Internet habits have increased the demand for DAS networks in several commercial outlets. DAS provides boosted signals that help data reach intended destination in wide area locations such as stadiums, hospitals, colleges, airports and hotels.

Axcex Media makes integration of DAS networks seamless with wireless signals that avoid corruption and dropped signals. Your mobile device customers can transfer data from close proximity to signal providers or long-range areas where signals are usually degraded.

DAS and Public Safety

DAS also provides emergency response systems stronger signals for better external wireless signals. Our service completely supports government mandated DAS systems for emergency personnel and 911 incidents.

axcex Media's DAS Capabilities

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What is das?

DAS is one of the latest in wireless technology that focuses on boosting delivery to distant clients in challenging signal environments. A distributed antenna system (DAS) focuses on bringing better signals across numerous wireless components. This includes signals for voice, audio and data. Buildings in congested metropolitan areas mostly suffer from signal degradation from weather, numerous competing signal technologies and other bandwidth-consuming devices.

First Responders

DAS plays a crucial role in emergency preparedness by ensuring that first responders have reliable communication within a business facility. Compliance with public safety regulations and standards is facilitated, contributing to a safer working environment for employees and visitors.

Scalable and Adaptable

Investing in DAS ensures that your business remains technologically relevant and ready for advancements in communication technology. DAS ensures that the network can handle the simultaneous data needs of a modern workplace.

Extended Reach

DAS significantly improves cellular connectivity within a business facility. By distributing signals evenly across the premises, employees, clients, and visitors experience enhanced call quality and data speeds. This ensures overall connectivity reliability.

Implementing a DAS offers a comprehensive solution to address the evolving communication needs of businesses, providing benefits that extend beyond connectivity to positively impact productivity, safety, and overall operational efficiency.

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