Axcex Media
Is Growing

We are actively seeking the ideal acquisition partners – which are entities that shares our values, aligns with our mission, and possesses the capability to contribute to the enhancement and expansion of our services.

Acquired Brands

Ambassador Enterprises, Inc.

Based in Central Virginia

WeatherMakers Electrical Contractors LLC

Based in Miami, FL

Who's Next?

More Coming Soon

Ambassador Enterprises, an Axcex Media company, is a healthcare, education, security, and audio technology expert based in central Virginia. Axcex Media services Ambassador’s clients with all their life safety, telecommunications, and access control needs. Due to this acquisition, Axcex Media added new products to our offerings including CCTV, nurse calls, fire alarms, intrusion detection devices, paging systems, and A/V to name a few.

WeatherMakers, an Axcex Media company, is based in Miami, FL and has many years of servicing electrical work to businesses and customers through the state. Due to this acquisition, Axcex Media added low and high voltage services through Florida and expanded its systems integration services to the south. 

Together, let's elevate our communities to new heights of safety and security.

Embarking on the frontier of merger & acquisition endeavors

Axcex Media is dedicated to advancing the realms of the fire, security, and systems integration industry. Our proactive mission involves expanding our footprint and impact by joining forces with businesses that share our unwavering commitment to safety and security. In the pursuit of the perfect synergy, we are on a constant quest for acquisition partners whose values resonate with ours and who can contribute to the growth and enhancement of our services. 

We seek companies with a stellar reputation, a devoted customer base, and a dedication to delivering quality solutions. If you are a business owner in the fire, security, or integration sector, and you envision aligning with a company that highly values your expertise and experience, we invite you to explore the potential of mergers and acquisitions with Axcex Media. 

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